Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Man I can't even believe this!!!

So Baltimore has been bummer fest for the last week or so but things started a changing last night for the best ever. I also saw my favorite artist perform the following cover. It's sick. But also you should check out his other stuff cause it's awesome.

His band's name is Final Fantasy
his name is owen pallett.
Do it to it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Let's Kick it, til it Breaks

So I haven't updated in a while mainly because things have been really crazy. Real life kinds of crazy and not for on the web kinds of crazy.

Baltimore is getting buck wild.
I'v been hearing a lot through the grape vine about a pirate radio station starting up and am really excited about that project. It's so amazing that for 150$-500$ you can broadcast an FM signal to your entire community. As a measure of resistance it's hard to beat.

Other things have happened too. Cindy Crabb graced our industrial city for a week or so and that was really amazing. Filled with free desserts and automatons roaming the city setting fire to varying buildings.

Today I'm interviewing with a family to hopefully be their nanny. I hope it works out.

Be well,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i got my first letter at my new home today. It' was really invigorating.
Like remembering that you have feet. Or a Pulse.

After dumpster diving for what felt like all day long I managed a meager score of 11 boxes of vegan fake pepperoni and vegan balogna....Gross
and an Onion. MMMM onion and bologna stir fry.

4 separate dumpsters. I mean really that is ridiculous for America. How can i claim to be from a gluttonous wasteful place if i can't at a moments notice pull a weeks worth of food from the trash. I guess i could have taken home the plastic corn or the empty easter basket but wasn't feeling to inventive.

Anyways after all of that I got a call from a friend...turns out theirs a Baltimore dumpstering collective because the best and greatest dumpsters are far far away, and only accessible via car. They bring the load in, everyone contributes a little for gas, and walla juice forever and some good produce and cheese for 20-30 people.


Monday, January 28, 2008


His name is Bill Shannon. At age five he was diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Displacement from leg calve perthas.

Anyway he is a dancer/performance artist. And if your doubtful it's beautiful

The man has a BFA from art institute of Chicago.

This is bionic in brooklyn.

With some tunes from RJD2 here he is.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Man it is some kind of cold in Baltimore.
The show was kind of nice in that not so much fun way.
But now...DESSERT!!!

The most delicious Italian pastery shop is in Baltimore, and it's open til 1:00 in the AM.

Tomorrow is another consulta.

For those who dance have this.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Mad Science

I am amazed at the world.

As we all know their are satellites flowing through the universe sending little microcosms back to earth via pictures. While most people can't even begin to fathom the inner workings of infinite space these picture maintain a mental atmosphere of false recognition.

But what about the visually impaired?
Well a book has been unveiled called Touch The Invisible Sky where Doris Dow in Braille describes the pictures taken from various satellites.
Also Doris is able to create tactile impressions of things as phenomenal as say the Sun.
I can't even imagine closing my eyes and feeling slight grooves on paper
and it clicking. OHHHHH thats what they mean when they say the sun.

Regardless It's on my list of treasures to have. And It's free. I think.

Oh and for those who dance.